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Holistic Dentists in Miami

Miami dentist options are becoming more diverse. The rise of the holistic dentist, a professional who takes a comprehensive approach to total health, in Miami illustrates this point.  Holistic dentistry is simply a healthcare system that involves analyzing the gums and teeth as part of the overall body health. This means that the dentists will treat dental problems in such a way that this will not affect any other part of the body ensuring that you don’t solve one problem by creating another.

Miami Holistic Dentistry:  Growing in Popularity Among Patients

Assure a Smile’s Miami dentist office is located on SW 87th Ct., adjacent to Baptist Hospital.

Some of the reasons whey holistic dentistry is becoming popular in Miami include:

Bio compatible materials

Most Miami dentists now practicing holistic dentistry as more and more people are now gaining interest in this due to the use of bio compatible materials. The materials used in filings, crowns and orthodontics are less toxic ensuring that the people involved are exposed to as few toxins as possible. This is a great step as toxic substances accumulate slowly in some body organs which can interfere with the immune system or impair the functioning of some body organs.

Safe mercury removal

If you once had some amalgam fillings and you would love to have these removed for your own reasons, it’s better to go for holistic dentists. This is so because such dentists are well aware of the risks involved in such a procedure and they have specific protocols that they follow that will protect you from mercury exposure. Some Miami holistic dentists also show care for general public health by using filters to prevent metal filings from finding their way into public water system.


Holistic dentists do not only help in sorting out dental problems with their patients but they also educate the patients on proper dental care like having regular dental checkups, brushing and flossing after meals. The patients benefit from tips on how to identify toxins in the food, the best cleaning products to use and the right medication to be taken. This ensures that the dentist treats the cause of dental problems rather than curing the dental problem itself.

Homeopathic remedies

Dental problems are caused by many things like stress, excessive pressure on the teeth, disintegration of the jawbone and poor fitting dental restorations among other things. Some of these problems will require treatment but some will not and this is where holistic dentists come in to differentiate these. Holistic dentistry prefer drug free treatment for some solutions like calming anxiety, alleviating pain and reducing effects of anesthesia among other things.

Other Miami Dentist Holistic Offerings

Other holistic approaches used by holistic dentists in Miami include:

  • Advising their patients on healthy diet for proper dental care
  • Offering comfortable gum disease treatment
  • Using cosmetic bonding techniques
  • Treating bite problems and TMJ

Generally, holistic dentistry is so wide spread in Miami and you can find a list of dentists who practice this through a quick online search. However, ensure that you choose a dentist who has been in this for some time and one who is well reputed to ensure that the outcome is as expected.



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