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Are Vaccines Making Your Child Sick?

Vaccines have long been thought to be a beneficial way to prevent serious illness. New research shows that unvaccinated children experience fewer allergies and childhood sicknesses compared to vaccinated children, however. Read more about this new study, and share your thoughts on how this may affect the future of healthcare.


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6 Reasons to Go Gluten Free

Gluten allergy affects nearly 1 in 133 Americans and may cause serious health side effects. Many physicians recommend that individuals eliminate– or at least moderate– the amount of gluten they eat each day. Here are the best 6 reasons to consider going gluten-free.

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Sugar: The Friendly Enemy

The average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar each year. Most dentists warn patients that sugar causes cavities. New research shows that sugar is quite toxic, however, and may cause several serious health issues. Such sugar toxicity may cause obesity, heart disease, and may even perpetuate cancer.

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Can You Be Allergic to Fluoride?

Though there is much debate whether fluoride is helpful or harmful, studies have shown that people have hypersensitive reactions to fluoride. As recognized by the Physicians’ Desk Reference (1994, 48th Edition, p. 2335-6), these symptoms include gastric distress, headache, joint pain, lethargy, mouth lesions, skin rashes, visual disturbances and weakness. The book also says, “These hypersensitivity reactions usually disappear promptly after discontinuation of the fluoride.” Assure a Smile has prepared this research article to spread awareness for fluoride allergy and to provide patients with alternative methods of preventing tooth decay.

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Can Fluoride Toothpaste Cause Death?

The fluoride in children’s toothpaste is toxic and can be fatal if swallowed. Fluoride overexposure is a growing problem that is causing side effects like fluorosis and illness in children. Visit the Miami Dentist Blog for more information regarding the toxicity of fluoride toothpastes, health risks, and ways to prevent illness.

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