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Alcohol in Mouthwash Linked to Oral Cancer

Have you ever considered making your own mouthwash? In the wake of recent studies conducted by Australian researchers, many American consumers are doing just that. The research team has found new ties between mouthwash use and oral cancer, specifically fueled by the high alcohol content of such mouth rinses. Consumers are surprised to know that mouthwash may contain up to 26% alcohol by volume. To put that in perspective, consider that the average bottle of vodka, rum, or bourbon is 35% alcohol by volume. According to the Australian research team, the high alcohol content of mouthwash may significantly contribute to oral cancer, especially when used repeatedly. To learn more about mouthwash and oral cancer, visit this special health report on the Miami Dentist Blog. Also included in this report is are 3 different recipes for alcohol-free homemade mouthwash.


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Is There Fluoride in Your Wine?

Many U.S. wines contain fluoride levels that are too high to allow them to be exported to Europe and other countries that have lower fluoride limits than the United States. These wines often contain as much as six parts per million of fluoride, as compared to the Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contaminant level for fluoride of four parts per million.

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How Does Fluoride Affect the Pineal Gland?

For much of the 1900s, very little research was conducted to study the effect of fluoride accumulation on brain health. By the 1950s, the subject started to garner attention among a number of scientists, researchers, and dental health professionals. In 1990, a major milestone was reached when Dr. Jennifer Luke asked the question: How does the accumulation of fluoride affect the hard and soft tissues of the body?

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