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North Americans Unite, Voting to End Water Fluoridation

The year 2012 saw an unprecedented shift in momentum for the anti-fluoride lobby. Last year, more health professionals, activists, and North American residents rallied together than in any year prior. For the first time, a nationwide front has begun to form against the practice of water fluoridation. While health experts cite research indicating that fluoridated water is harmful to major organ systems, other concerned citizens are simply “anti fluoride” because they do not wish to be exposed to a drug without their consent. From Missouri to Saskatchewan, large and small communities across North America are protesting the practice of water fluoridation. Learn more about these communities, and explore the rational behind the anti-fluoride movement, only on the Miami Dentist Blog. http://www.assureasmile.com/miami-dentist-blog/north-americans-unite-voting-to-end-water-fluoridation/


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