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Sign the Petition: Tell Dentsply to Stop Making Toxic Mercury Fillings

Consumers for Dental Choice has posted a new petition on Change.org for all those interested in urged Dentsply to cease the production of toxic dental amalgam. Dental amalgam contains high concentrations of mercury, a neurotoxin that is widely known to be hazardous to wildlife, ecosystems, and human health. As the 2nd largest producer of dental amalgam, Dentsply has the potential to have a lasting and positive impact on the health of both environment and consumers, simply by phasing out the production of dental amalgam.


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Dentsply Urged to Cease Production of Toxic Dental Amalgam

Based in the picturesque countryside of Pennsylvania is Dentsply, a leading manufacturer of numerous high quality dental products. You’ve probably encountered several Dentsply products during your most recent dental check-up. What many Americans do not know, however, is that Dentsply is also the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of dental amalgam. This metallic mixture may contain more than 50% mercury content, posing a serious risk to patients and the environment. The World Health Organization has cited dental amalgam as a leading contributor to mercury pollution in the world, and new studies suggest these “toxic fillings” may cause serious illness. In this news story, Dentsply is issued a wake-up call by a broad coalition of Pennsylvania activists, American health organizations, and representatives from 23 different countries. Dentsply has been asked to phase-out the production of this dangerous material.

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Fluoridegate: Watch the Inside Story of Water Fluoridation

The body of research that indicates fluoride might be toxic and detrimental to long term health continues to grow, prompting many Americans to wonder why the mineral is added to public drinking water in the first place. Join the Miami Dentist Blog for this special documentary, “Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy.” Watch for free, and learn the history behind one of the most controversial public health practices of the last century.

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