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80% of America’s Pre-Packaged Foods Are Toxic

In The Usa, customers do not think twice about reaching for a box of Froot Loops or a six-pack of Mountain Dew soda. In other places, however, such products are not available due to the dangerous nature of these ingredients. It’s not just pop and cereal which contain dangerous and questionable ingredients, however. According to writers of a new book called Rich Food, Poor Food, not exactly 800-1100 of America’s pre-packaged foods are forbidden in other countries all over the world. Mira and Jason Calton have published Rich Food, Poor Food to reveal an otherwise shadowy American food industry. Within the book, the authors provide a list of ingredients that have now been barred in other countries. Called Banned Bad Boys, these ingredients remain used in the creation of an amazingly high percentage of American convenience foods. Based on the authors, as much as these potentially toxic ingredients are contained by 80% of the pre-packaged foods, snacks, and beverages in the United States.


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