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Chris Kresser: 9 Steps to Avoiding Toxic Foods

Anthropological research implies that this is exactly how human beings lived for your great majority of our evolutionary history, while this might sound like pure fantasy to-day. To-day, most people accept illnesses like infertility, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s as “normal”. But while these disorders may possibly now be common, they’re anything but regular. In reality, the world I asked one to imagine above – that might appear preposterous and unattainable today – was the normal human state for our entire history on this planet up until a couple of hundred years ago. The current life style. And though there are numerous aspects of our current life style that give rise to infection, the widespread usage of food toxins is undoubtedly the greatest offender. Specifically, the next four dietary contaminants are responsible. Visit Chriskresser.com for the whole story.


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