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Historic Mercury Treaty Signed by World Leaders in November 2013

Holistic dentists, health professionals, and environmental advocates celebrated last November as leaders from around the world gathered in Japan to sign the Minamata Treaty on mercury. A known neurotoxin, mercury is a dangerous substance that threatens the health and safety of all animal, plant, and human life. Mercury is still used in dental amalgam, and these “silver fillings” are known to be extremely hazardous to patients. Holistic dentists are perhaps most excited with the signing of the Minamata Treaty, because it establishes a foundation for the eventual “phase out” of mercury fillings, which are a leading cause of environmental mercury waste (source: World Health Organization). To learn more about the Minamata Treaty, visit this exclusive on the Miami Dentist Blog.


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Christmas Recipes that are Paleo Perfect

The Paleo Diet is perhaps the newest and most talked about nutrition trend of 2013. It’s easy to see why. As the name suggests, Paleo Diet has people eat like our caveman ancestors of the Paleolithic Era. Their primitive diets were free of overly processed foods, refined sugars, gluten, and many other additives that contemporary health experts blame for the chronic diseases suffered by modern man. Whether new to the Paleo Diet or a seasoned expert, these special Christmas recipes will keep you feeling healthy and cheerful this holiday season. Delicious and nutritious, these recipes are sure to please!

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Caution: Green Tea is High in Fluoride

A new study has been released that has created a stir among holistic wellness gurus and those trying to lose weight. Now, it seems certain varieties of tea can contain more than twice the fluoride content recommended by the FDA for public water. Particularly rich in fluoride is green tea, mostly because this specific variety is exposed to the highest concentrations of fluoride during both cultivation and production. Fluoride is known to be dangerous when ingested in high quantities, which is alarming for those who drink green tea regularly for health or weight loss purposes. Green tea supplements that contain concentrated green tea extract have the potential to be most dangerous, though follow-up studies are needed to confirm this fear. Read more about this new study.

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