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Mercury in Your Mouth [Free Infographic]

Mercury In Your Mouth [Free Infographic]

Mercury In Your Mouth [Free Infographic]
Is your dentist putting mercury in your mouth? Most Americans are shocked to learn that dental amalgam (silver fillings) is mixed with upward of 50% liquid mercury. A known neuro-toxin, mercury causes severe harm to the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, and central nervous system. Although the American Dental Association has not yet banned the material, the World Health Organization has labeled dental amalgam as the single greatest source of mercury in non-industrial settings. Visit this infographic to learn more about mercury, dental amalgam, and the ways in which silver fillings can cause serious side effects. Visit the original infographic, Mercury in Your Mouth.

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Is Baby Water with Fluoride Safe for Infants?

Fluoridated water is allegedly good for teeth. However, the US government has recently warned that fluoride levels might be too high for public water (source: Wall Street Journal). Backed by a strong fluoride-free grassroots lobby, holistic dentists from across America are speaking out against the dangers of fluoridated water. The fluoride debate has garnered greater attention recently after the US Court of Appeals agreed to hear oral arguments in the Nymphos vs. Nestle case. Ms Nymphos claims Nestle is responsible for her daughter’s permanently discolored teeth (a condition known as fluorosis). Ms. Nymphos alleges her daughter developed fluorosis after drinking Nestle Baby water for many years, a product the company openly markets as a highly fluoridated water designed to improve children’s teeth and oral health. For more on this developing story, visit the Miami Dentist Blog.

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Miami Dentist Ted Herrmann Raises Awareness for Children’s Dental Needs

In 2000, the U.S. Surgeon General produced a report that sounded alarms for parents nationwide. Titled the “Oral Health Care in America,” the report contained vital statistics on the oral health of children in the United States. Perhaps most concerning was a statistic that showed chronic tooth decay as the most common chronic childhood disease– more than five times more common than asthma. To spread awareness for children’s oral health needs, Miami dentist Ted Herrmann and Assure A Smile invite South Florida families to visit the Miami Dentist Blog for free care and wellness tips.

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The Connection Between Gum Health and Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is known as the leading killer among men and women in the United States. As such, cardiovascular disease has taken the public spotlight as a serious health issue. What many do not know, however, is that cardiovascular health can be impacted by oral health. Specifically, researchers have found that gum disease significantly increases one’s chances of developing a heart condition. For more information on the relationship between gum disease and heart disease, as well as the studies that show the relationship, visit this article by the American Academy of Periodontology.

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Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Would you ever see a cosmetic dentist? Many Americans think of cosmetic dentistry along the same lines as plastic surgery, thinking it is expensive, unnecessary, and unnatural. This is a misconception, however. Most cosmetic dental procedures are quite affordable. Moreover, they are not “unnecessary” and “unnatural.” In many cases, cosmetic procedures can improve mental, physical, and emotional health simply by improving the way the teeth look and function. Citing resources from leaders in dental research, this blog article discusses the “misconceptions” of cosmetic dentistry and instead makes an argument that such procedures help patients live healthier and happier lives. Visit the Miami Dentist Blog for this exclusive, and share your thoughts in the Comments section. After reading the article, what do you think about cosmetic dental procedures?

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Miami Dentist Ted Herrmann Shares Experience as Holistic Dental Professional

The holistic dental professional has risen in popularity as families begin to understand that the traditional “drill and fill” approach does not keep the family smiling for long. Holistic dentists provide a deeper level of care, helping patients understand how nutrition, stress management, and healthy lifestyle choices can create strong teeth and gums for life. Without addressing each of these elements of total body wellness, patients are likely to keep making unhealthy daily choices that ultimately lead to tooth decay, gum disease, poor health, and expensive dental procedures. In this special article, Miami dentist Ted Herrmann discusses holistic dentistry in a video interview with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. After the video, visitors are invited to read an overview of holistic wellness and oral health.

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Holistic Family Dentistry

Holistic Family Dentistry is a great resource for in-depth information on integrated health and oral wellness. Upon visiting, be sure to read up on medical theories. The section provides a close look at interesting topics like healing, aging, osteoporosis, and even detoxification. These topics are explored in the context of holistic health. The body is assessed as a single system, with each element related to one another. Explore Holistic Family Dentistry, and learn more about the interrelated nature of mental, emotional, and physical health.

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More Research Shows Smiling Makes You Happy

Research continues to prove a very convenient truth: Smiling makes you happy, and in most cases it can improve your health. Most people think of smiling as a one-way street. If you feel happy, you smile. Scientist now believe it’s a two-way street, pointing to research that correlates forced-smiles with feelings of happiness. People who make themselves smile, even when not feeling so hot, also demonstrate stronger immune systems and naturally lower blood pressure. Other studies that focus on the connection between smiles and brain activity show another exciting correlation: Forcing a smile can activate pleasure centers in the brain that release feel-good chemicals. So whether genuine or not, smiling can make you feel better and improve overall holistic wellness.

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All Natural Health Benefits of Smiling

In America, health and wellness supplements are a multi-million dollar industry. Each year, men and women spend sizable sums on pills that promise better looks, more energy, and longer lasting youth. According to new studies, Americans are smart to consider a new approach to wellness and longevity that does not cost a thing: Smiling. Researchers agree, even “forcing” a smile can cause the brain to release feel-good chemicals that reduce stress, curb anxiety, and promote feelings of well being. People who smile frequently have also been found to have stronger hearts with less plaque accumulation in the arteries, which significantly lessens the chance of heart attack later in life. Visual learners: Visit this free infographic to learn more about the health benefits of smiling. Then, download and share with your favorite website or blog!

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10 Foods that Cause Cavities

What are the worst foods for your teeth? In this guide, learn to identify the 10 everyday food items that are most likely to cause tooth decay and cavities. Some are obvious, like sugary candies. Other cavity-causing foods are less obvious, like snack crackers and dried fruit (the latter is usually promoted as a health food). Most Miami dentists agree: Taking a moment to review the most harmful foods for your teeth can go a long way in promoting holistic health and preventing cavities. Visit this guide to the top 10 worst foods for your teeth, and learn to avoid the dentist chair!

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